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Joe Biden
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19yo man with van full of guns & explosives arrested, was plotting to assassinate Joe BidenNewly-released court documents show a man was arrested in Kannapolis, North Carolina in possession of firearms and explosives. He had reportedly researched how to kill presidential candidate Joe Biden.

A van belonging to Alexander Hillel Treisman, 19, was found at a Kannapolis bank filled with guns, books on making bombs, explosive materials, multiple driver’s licenses, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash.

The van was abandoned and towed at the request of the bank, and then subsequently searched by police officers.
ArticleRTÉtats-Unis,Assassinat,Élection23 octobre 2020 01:21:00
Analysis: Seven Milwaukee wards report more 2020 presidential votes than registered voters; Biden nets 146K votes in citySeven City of Milwaukee voting wards reported more 2020 U.S. Presidential election votes than they had registered voters, according to an analysis of results and Secretary of State files.ArticleMilwaukee City Wire News ServiceÉtats-Unis,Élection,Fraude,Milwaukee4 novembre 2020 00:00:00
BOMBSHELL: Hunter Biden, Joe Biden built an international crime syndicate with ties to human trafficking organizations, prostitution, money laundering, bribery and extortionA bombshell US Senate report based on months of investigations has now been released, detailing the Biden family’s extensive ties to a “vast financial network” that the Bidens had put in place during the Obama administration, involving hundreds of millions of dollars in illicit financial transactions that tie the Bidens to extortion, bribery, kickbacks, money laundering and numerous international crimes.ArticleMike AdamsCorruption,Collusion,Traffic humain23 septembre 2020 00:00:00
Biden's first move as president-elect? Mask mandate for all. Here's how he plans on doing it.One of Joe Biden's first priorities as president-elect will be implementing mask mandates nationwide by working with governors. The future 46th president, however, says if they refuse than he will go to mayors and county executives and get local masking requirements in place.ArticleFox NewsCovid-19,Mesure sanitaire,Couvre-visage,États-Unis,Élection8 novembre 2020 18:45:00
Bill Gates congratulates Biden, Harris, looks forward to getting 'surging pandemic under control'Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates tweeted his congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on winning the 2020 U.S. presidential election, adding he looks forward to getting the "surging pandemic under control."ArticleChris CiacciaÉtats-Unis,Élection8 novembre 2020 00:00:00
Black Lives Matter Co-Founder to Demand Biden Prioritize Its AgendaBlack Lives Matter is now demanding payback for its support of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the 2020 presidential election, stating that “getting Trump out of office was not the end all, be all,” and that “We want something for our vote.”ArticleAlana MastrangeloÉtats-Unis,Élection,Compte rendu,Support11 novembre 2020 00:00:00
Body language expert reacts to Final DebateThis body language expert examined the final Presidential Debate, and was able to conclude this about Joe Biden...EntrevueGreg Kelly ReportsÉtats-Unis,2020,Non verbal,Élection,Débat,Synergologie23 octobre 2020 23:25:00
Confirmed: Biden Cancer Initiative Spent on Salaries — and Little ElseThe New York Post confirmed Saturday what Breitbart News and others had reported earlier this year: that the Biden Cancer Initiative, founded by former Vice President Joe Biden, spent millions on staff salaries but did little about cancer research.ArticleJoel B. PollakScandale,Fondation de charité,Philantropie15 novembre 2020 00:00:00
Deux enquêteurs, dont un ex-FBI, découvrent une tentative de vol de 700 000 bulletins de vote pour BidenLa campagne de Biden au Texas tente de truquer l’élection de 2020 dans le cadre d’un plan de récolte massive de bulletins de vote, selon deux enquêteurs privés qui ont témoigné sous serment qu’ils disposaient des « preuves vidéo, des documents et des témoins » pour le prouver.ArticleChristian LarnetÉtats-Unis,Élection,Fraude,Texas7 octobre 2020 00:00:00
Distinguished Russiagate disciple Michael McFaul upset that Putin hasn’t congratulated Biden for presumed election winFormer US envoy to Russia Michael McFaul is unhappy that Moscow hasn’t declared Joe Biden the election winner without official results, apparently tossing aside years of hysteria about Kremlin “meddling” in US internal affairs.ArticleRTÉtats-Unis,Élection,International,Vainqueur8 novembre 2020 11:38:00
Endangering European security: Joe Biden's assertion that Russia is number one 'threat' to US flies in face of all facts & reasonJoe Biden’s belief that Russia is the greatest danger to the US is based on emotion and outdated ideology. It should alarm Europeans as they could find themselves on the frontline of a 'struggle' that makes little or no sense.ArticleGlenn DiesenÉconomie,Russie,Europe28 octobre 2020 10:38:00
FBI asks to interview former Hunter Biden business partner after he said Joe Biden was involved in son’s foreign business dealingsThe FBI has asked to interview investor Tony Bobulinski, the ex-business partner of Hunter Biden who alleged Thursday that Joe Biden was involved in his son’s overseas deals, contrary to the presidential candidate's statements.ArticleRTChine,Collusion,Ukraine,Scandale,Trafic d'influence23 octobre 2020 18:08:00
Former President George W. Bush extends 'warm congratulations' to President-elect Joe BidenWASHINGTON – Former President George W. Bush offered a congratulatory message to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on Sunday, the day after Biden clinched his victory.ArticleCourtney Subramanian,Michael CollinsÉtats-Unis,Élection8 novembre 2020 12:38:00
Gaffe ou lapsus ? Biden fait polémique en se vantant d'organiser «la fraude électorale»«Nous avons mis en place l’organisation de fraude électorale la plus grande et la plus inclusive de l’histoire de la politique américaine», a lancé Joe Biden lors d'une interview, suscitant nombre de réactions outrées, dont celle de Donald Trump.ArticleRT FranceÉtats-Unis,2020,Élection,Fraude électorale25 octobre 2020 16:03:00
Georgia Counties Using Same Software as Michigan Counties Also Encounter ‘Glitch’Two Georgia counties using the same electronic voting software as a Michigan county that experienced a glitch have also reported encountering glitches during the 2020 election.ArticleAlana MastrangeloÉtats-Unis,Élection,Irrégularité,Géorgie7 novembre 2020 00:00:00
Georgia officials say there will be a recount of votes in swing stateGeorgia officials on Friday announced there will be a recount of votes in the crucial Peach State with less than 5,000 ballots remaining and Joe Biden leading President Trump by the razor-thin margin of 1,098 votes.ArticleEbony BowdenÉtats-Unis,Élection,Décompte,Bulletin de vote,Georgie,Recomptage6 novembre 2020 11:17:00
Giuliani claims Hunter Biden’s laptop contained ‘numerous pictures of underage girls,’ says explicit material given to policePresident Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani has claimed that photographs of underage girls and other “very sensitive” materials were discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop and have been handed over to Delaware police.ArticleRTScandale,Pédophilie21 octobre 2020 10:34:00
Hunter Biden email story successfully strangled by Facebook, but Twitter’s ham-handed censorship BACKFIRED – researchWhen news of the Biden family's alleged corruption broke, Big Tech tried its best to bury the story. Facebook was successful, but Twitter's censorship efforts doubled the story’s popularity, new research suggests.ArticleRTCensure,Collusion,Média social20 octobre 2020 20:55:00
Hunter Biden pursued deals worth tens of million in China, struck bargains for 'his family,' NEW email leaks allegeFreshly leaked emails suggest that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, stood to make tens of millions of dollars working for a Chinese energy firm, and allegedly called a deal with the firm’s chairman “interesting to me and my family.”ArticleRTPolitique,Chine,Corruption,Collusion15 octobre 2020 15:16:00
Hunter’s business partner CONFIRMS authenticity of laptop email, claims Joe Biden was part of Chinese dealsA former associate of Hunter Biden’s has said that an email addressed to him concerning potentially shady deals with a Chinese firm is genuine and that Hunter’s father was also involved in the scheme.ArticleRTChine,Collusion,Trafic d'influence22 octobre 2020 07:43:00
If Biden wins, Russiagate will magically morph into ChinagateJust like Democrats and the liberal media peddled Russiagate against Donald Trump, Biden is now the target of a budding Chinagate – the conservatives and Trumpists eager to adopt their foes' shrillness and disregard for facts.Texte d'opinionCaitlin JohnstoneChine,Corruption,Collusion,Trafic d'influence27 octobre 2020 00:00:00
Investigators Dispatched After Fulton County Discovers ‘Issue’ with Ballot ReportingGeorgia’s top election official is dispatching a team of investigators after a ballot “issue” was discovered in one of the county’s most responsible for giving former Vice President Joe Biden the lead over President Trump.ArticleDylan GwinnÉtats-Unis,Élection,Irrégularité,Géorgie8 novembre 2020 00:00:00
Joe Biden Now Criminal Suspect in UkraineFormer Vice President Joe Biden is now a criminal suspect in Ukraine in a case involving his son Hunter and Burisma Holdings, a major Ukrainian natural gas producer.ArticleNewsWarsCollusion,Ukraine,Trafic d'influence22 juillet 2020 00:00:00
Live updates on voting on Election Day: USPS misses deadline; misleading robocalls, isolated incidents of glitchesIsolated incidents of technological glitches and some efforts to suppress voting – in the form of misleading robocalls being probed by the FBI in several states – kept poll watchers and voters vigilant Tuesday on one of the most divisive Election Days in modern history.ArticleJohn Bacon Jorge,L. Ortiz,Lindsay SchnellÉtats-Unis,Élection,Irrégularité3 novembre 2020 07:08:00
Majority Staff Report Supplemental - Committee on Finance - Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental AffairsOn September 23, 2020, the Senate Committee on Finance and the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs released a majority staff report entitled, “HunterBiden, Burisma and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns.”1 After the report was issued, new sources went public with additional information about business relationships and financial arrangements among and between the Biden familyand their business associates, including several foreign nationals. In particular, some of that information concerned John Robinson Walker (“Rob Walker”) and his company, Robinson Walker LLC. The new information is consistent with other records within the Committees’ possession which show millions of dollars being transferred from a Chinese entity linked to the communist party to Robinson Walker LLC. Those transactions are described in more detail herein.RapportSénat des États-UnisChine,Corruption,Collusion,États-Unis,Ukraine,Trafic d'influence,Sécurité nationale18 novembre 2020 00:00:00
Michelle Obama congratulates Biden and Harris, adds dig at TrumpFormer first lady Michelle Obama congratulated her husband's former running mate, President-elect Joe Biden, and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris after Biden was projected to win the presidency Saturday - also adding a dig to the current administration.ArticleEvie FordhamÉtats-Unis,Élection7 novembre 2020 00:00:00
Michigan County Flips from Biden to Trump After ‘Glitch’ FixedThe presidential election results for Antrim County in Michigan have flipped from Joe Biden to President Donald Trump after computer “software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the votes.”ArticleAlana MastrangeloÉtats-Unis,Élection,Irrégularité6 novembre 2020 00:00:00
Nancy Pelosi confident Biden will be president ‘whatever the end count is’ on Election DayDemocrat Joe Biden will defeat US President Donald Trump and be inaugurated on Jan. 20, regardless of what the vote count on Election Day may show, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed to reporters on Capitol Hill.ArticleRTÉtats-Unis,2020,Élection,Fraude électorale29 octobre 2020 23:12:00
News outlet Quartz apologizes for tweeting story explaining what happens if president-elect DIES after Biden’s victory calledBusiness-focused US media outlet Quartz has gone into damage-control mode, apologizing for tweeting an explainer about what happens if Democratic candidate Joe Biden dies before inauguration just as the press called his victory.ArticleRTÉtats-Unis,Décès,Élection,Remplacement8 novembre 2020 02:57:00
Obama official sets off alarms by claiming Biden is already speaking to foreign leaders about agenda as presidentBen Rhodes, the former deputy national security advisor, has raised the concern of critics after claiming in an interview that Joe Biden is already discussing his potential administration’s agenda with foreign leaders.ArticleRTÉtats-Unis,Ingérence,Élection,International
Paper publishes alleged emails, files of Biden’s son Hunter, claiming he peddled influence in UkraineEmails obtained by the New York Post suggest that Hunter Biden introduced a Ukrainian energy boss to his father, then-vice president Joe Biden. The former VP has insisted he knew nothing about his son’s dodgy dealings.ArticleRTCorruption,Collusion,Ukraine14 octobre 2020 16:31:00
Pennsylvania Judge Rules In Favor Of Trump Campaign, Orders State Can’t Count Some BallotsA Pennsylvania state judge ruled Thursday in favor of the Trump campaign and ordered the state not to count some mail-in ballots that were missing proof of identification and cured during an extended deadline—but the ruling will not change the vote count as it currently stands and will not impact Joe Biden’s win in the state.ArticleAlison DurkeeJugement,États-Unis,Élection,Pennsylvanie,Ordonance12 novembre 2020 15:58:00
Project Veritas: Pennsylvania Whistleblower Told to Dump All Non-Biden Mailers After Nov. 9James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas reported Thursday that a new U.S. Postal Service (USPS) employee had come forward, claiming mail carriers were told to deliver only mailings for Joe Biden after Nov. 9, and mark the rest as “undeliverable.”ArticleJoel B. PollakÉtats-Unis,Élection,Fraude,Poste,Pennsylvanie,Lanceur d'alerte12 novembre 2020 00:00:00
Putin will NOT congratulate Biden until results are official & legal procedures are complete, Kremlin announcesRussian President Vladimir Putin won’t congratulate Joe Biden on winning the US presidential election until the results are official, the Kremlin said on Monday, citing the possibility of court challenges.ArticleJonny TickleÉtats-Unis,Élection,Félicitation9 novembre 2020 11:11:00
Report: Biden team has a plan to assert control and declare victory early, as soon as media calculate him to winAs President Donald Trump continues to face accusations that he may not accept a loss in the presidential race, a new report suggests Joe Biden will be looking to declare victory early and begin staffing immediately.ArticleRTÉtats-Unis,Élection,Coup d'état3 novembre 2020 22:21:00
Report: Fortune 500 CEOs Will Intervene if Joe Biden Isn’t Inaugurated by January 20Executives from Fortune 500 corporations say they are planning to intervene if Democrat Joe Biden is not inaugurated into office by January 20, 2021.ArticleJohn BinderCorporation,États-Unis,Ingérence,Élection16 novembre 2020 00:00:00
Report: Georgia Election Monitor Finds 9,626-Vote Error in County’s Hand RecountA monitor has reportedly discovered a 9,626-vote error in Georgia’s DeKalb County’s hand recount, according to Georgia Republican Party chairman David Shafer.ArticleHannah BleauÉtats-Unis,Élection,Géorgie,Recompatage,Érreur18 novembre 2020 00:00:00
Senate committee verifies materials from Hunter’s ex-business partner as Biden family dodges questions about China dealA Senate committee has authenticated all materials reviewed so far that were turned over by Hunter Biden’s former business associate, according to reports, as members of the Biden family avoid media inquiries about the scandal.ArticleRTChine,Collusion,États-Unis,Scandale,Traffic d'influence29 octobre 2020 09:52:00
Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dadHunter Biden introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm less than a year before the elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company, according to emails obtained by The Post.ArticleEmma-Jo Morris,Gabrielle FonrougeCorruption,Collusion,Ukraine14 octobre 2020 05:00:00
So much for ‘healing’... the Trump Accountability Project is just the start of massive discrimination against conservativesA sinister new campaign aims to collect the names of all those who worked for Donald Trump with a view to canceling them in future. There is no chance of the US ever healing when such biased, bigoted attitudes prevail.ArticleRTÉtats-Unis,Élection,Liste noire,Discrimination9 novembre 2020 22:21:05
Tax filings reveal Biden cancer charity spent millions on salaries, zero on researchA cancer charity started by Joe Biden gave out no money to research, and spent most of its contributions on staff salaries, federal filings show.ArticleIsabel VincentScandale,Fondation de charité,Philantropie14 novembre 2020 18:48:00
Trump becomes top search result for ‘loser’, Biden for ‘winner’ on Twitter, as platform denies rigging algorithmTwitter users searching for the word “loser” on Saturday have been getting Donald Trump as their first result. The platform denied that this was intentional, saying that it’s how its search tools work.ArticleRTÉtats-Unis,Média social,Élection,Truquage7 novembre 2020 23:16:00
Trump campaign claims Nevada whistleblower witnessed ‘intentional criminal conduct’ during vote processing in Clark CountyLawyers for the Trump campaign say an election worker in Clark County, Nevada was instructed to process ballots he suspected were invalid, describing his sworn affidavit as evidence of criminal conduct.ArticleRTÉtats-Unis,Élection,Fraude,Nevada,Lanceur d'alerte8 novembre 2020 10:20:00
Trump files lawsuit alleging in-person votes in Arizona might have been ‘incorrectly rejected’ due to poll workers' actionsPresident Donald Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee filed a lawsuit in Arizona, alleging that Maricopa County incorrectly rejected in-person votes cast on Election Day because of errors by precinct workers.ArticleRTÉtats-Unis,Élection,Fraude,Arizona7 novembre 2020 23:42:00
Trump flips Michigan county after ‘error’ initially had Biden in the leadDonald Trump has won a recount in a Michigan county, after election officials questioned Joe Biden’s lead in the Republican stronghold. Another error elsewhere in the state also skewed down-ballot results in the Democrats' favor.ArticleRTÉtats-Unis,Élection,Irrégularité,Michigan7 novembre 2020 08:54:00
Twitter CENSORS THE GOVERNMENT, briefly blocking link to GOP page on CONGRESS website with copy of NYPost’s Hunter Biden storyAfter downplaying the censorship of links to a New York Post exposé on the Biden family’s alleged murky business dealings, Twitter is still blocking links to the “unsafe” story, even ones posted by US lawmakers.ArticleRTCensure,Chine,Corruption,Collusion,Ukraine15 octobre 2020 15:24:00
Who’s meddling now? Zuckerberg tells employees it’s ‘clear’ Biden won still-contested US electionFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly called the 2020 US presidential election for Democrat Joe Biden, soothing employees’ minds while engaging in the sort of meddling his platform purports to fight.ArticleRTÉtats-Unis,Élection,Ingérence électorale13 novembre 2020 04:18:00
Wikipedia says Hunter Biden scandal ‘DEBUNKED’, as editing war rages & new page emerges calling it a ‘conspiracy’Allegations of corruption against ex-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter have apparently been “debunked” and are merely a “conspiracy theory” according to Wikipedia, where editors are battling over the terms.ArticleRTChine,Corruption,Collusion,Ukraine19 octobre 2020 15:10:00
World leaders congratulate Joe Biden, projected winner of 2020 US presidential electionWorld leaders have extended their congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden after he was projected to be the winner of the 2020 presidential election.ArticlePeter AitkenÉtats-Unis,Élection,International7 novembre 2020 00:00:00
«C'est un grave cas de corruption» : Trump veut une enquête sur l'affaire Biden «avant l'élection»A deux semaines de la présidentielle, Donald Trump et 11 députés républicains pressent le procureur général à tirer au clair les accusations de corruption visant de Joe Biden. Une affaire peu abordée dans les interviews du candidat démocrate.ArticleRT FranceEnquête publique,Collusion,Trafic d'influence21 octobre 2020 12:13:00
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